How Healing Happens

Divorce Recovery

Do more than just recover…move on to a better life.

Create a new life to make your dreams come true. Divorce can change everything – emotions, relationships, your way of life. I know – I’ve been divorced. But take comfort in knowing you also have a unique opportunity to change your life – for the better.

True divorce recovery for men and women means renewing yourself. Avoid falling into bitterness and regret by learning from what happened, healing through emotional release, and creating a happier life.

Recovery means moving on with awareness and new-found knowledge. You can heal – and grow – through the healing process.

Divorce Recovery for Men, Divorce Recovery for Women

How You Can Recover – Right Now

With, you’ll enjoy all the resources you need to recover – quickly:

All are based on Rebuilding – When Your Relationship Ends, the best-selling book and seminar created by the leading divorce counselor, Dr. Bruce Fisher

Our divorce recovery groups, classes, counseling and media tools will provide you with the skills for healing, along with gentle guidance for recovery from divorce:

  • Uncover the reasons for your divorce – Defeat denial by understanding what went wrong. You’ll discover what to do differently in a future relationship and improve your interactions with others.
  • Work through the emotions of loss – Transform grief and anger into the cornerstones of your recovery. You’ll let go of the pain, discover a sense of peace, and find the power to create your new life.
  • Feel better about yourself – Build self-esteem by recognizing your ability to face loss and triumph over adversity. Through divorce recovery for women and men, you’ll create new friendships with others on the same path.
  • Begin a new life – See how your life changes in just a few short weeks as relief and hope transform into excitement and promise. You’ll enjoy renewed health that goes beyond your recovery from divorce.