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While divorce is the end of a relationship, it’s also your doorway to a wonderful life.

As you work through the 10-Week Rebuilding Program, you’ll learn how to let go of the grief, anger and confusion that’s holding you back.

You’ll rediscover joy and purpose, realize your potential and rebuild a life that’s better than before!


There was no Divorce Workshops available near where I live. I was skeptical that an online class could help. The Seminar, with the technology, made it very easy and accessible. All my questions were always answered. The facilitation and teaching were excellent. I made friends with several students – we talk weekly. All of us grew so much as a result of the Seminar

- Chris

Words cannot express the valuable insight I found during my workshop experience. I find myself stronger, much happier & less anxiety-ridden. I believe processing every single emotion truly made the difference. I tell anyone going thru a split to invest in this class. The structure & support of people in the trenches with me, were priceless. You really helped in leading me to the path toward healing.

- Anne N

I believe the most impactful part of our seminar for me was, how it taught me about myself. I became aware that I mattered. I had completely lost myself throughout my life of marriage and kids. I had existed as a non-entity until now. I learned that I am worth focusing on, being taken care of, valued, and cherished. I am worth having a good time, laughing, and my feelings, thoughts and dreams matter! I am a kind and giving person, but I can also take care of ME now as well. I am stronger than I think I am, and I am ENOUGH! This will be a constant journey of self-worth for me, so please keep me in all of your prayers and thoughts. You are all forever with me! Thank you, Nick!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone.

- Leisa

When my husband left suddenly and I was new to Denver, I knew I needed help navigating the scary world of separation and divorce. I discovered the The Fisher Rebuilding Seminar through online research and believe this course not only sustained me during a difficult time but also provided key resources for building a life apart from one’s partner. Nick Meima does a superb job of creating a safe space for thoughtful and meaningful exploration during a very fragile time in one’s life. The deliberate and intentional topics help those in distress make sense of what is happening and create new stories for how to create purposeful lives. It has been a time of growth, healing and tremendous encouragement.

- M. Larma


Take this important step and register for the FREE First Class: New Beginnings.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use your divorce as a doorway to a wonderful future

  • Stop the desperation, fear and overwhelm

  • Transition from being powerless to empowered

  • Disentangle from your ex-spouse

  • Stop being codependent

  • Gain emotional strength, stability and resiliency


You'll learn how to:

  • Identify destructive and constructive behaviors

  • Keep moving forward in the process of emotional separation from your partner

  • Create healthier relationships

  • Identify the forms of manipulation that cause conflict in relationships


You'll learn how to:

  • Relate and express your grief

  • Recognize the negative consequences of avoiding grief

  • Manage your grief as you let go of the past

  • Communicate with people who aren’t able to deal with their grief


You'll learn how to:

  • How to use your anger instead of being used by your anger

  • Why anger is the most misunderstood emotion

  • Where you are on the anger continuum and how to deescalate your anger


You'll learn how to:

  • What masks you have used to protect yourself in the past

  • The limitations of using masks

  • Why you can’t get needs met while using your masks

  • How vulnerability is a strength and a way to create fulfilling relationships


You'll learn how to:

  • Why you haven’t been able to build self-esteem

  • How your lack of self-worth has contributed to most of your difficulties and challenges

  • How disentangling from your ex-partner is essential for your self-esteem

  • Practical ways to build self-esteem every day

You'll learn how to:


  • Why old ideas about love need to be replaced

  • The distinction between attachment and love

  • Why you can’t give others love if you don’t have it for yourself

  • What the words “I love you” really mean

You'll learn how to:


  • What forgiveness is and isn’t

  • How to forgive others and yourself

  • Why forgiveness is critical to moving forward

  • How divorce offers you the opportunity to discover a new purpose

  • The distinction between life purpose and being purposeful

You'll learn how to:


  • Why emotional intimacy is a need we all have

  • Ways to create emotional intimacy with yourself first

  • Ways to create emotional intimacy with others

  • Why sexuality and intimacy are often are not the same thing

  • How to communicate in ways that result in intimacy

You'll learn how to:


  • How to build the foundation of an authentic life

  • How to communicate with authenticity

  • How to draw out authenticity in others

  • How to create authentic friendships

  • Key dos and don’ts for dating

Here’s What’s Included in the 10-Week Rebuilding Program:

Support – Information – Practical Tools

Based on Bruce Fisher’s best-selling book, Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends, this series has been refined over 40 years to enable you to move forward with strength, clarity and wisdom. It includes:

  • 10 weekly online group sessions

  • In-class exercises

  • Weekly homework assignments, reviewed in each class

  • Several individual check-in coaching sessions during the first weeks of the program

  • A workbook with additional teaching materials and handouts

  • The Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale (FDAS) self-tests and interpretation (before and after the program)

Our next live seminar starts Sunday July 21st at 4pm ET (1pm PT)


Nick told me that we all go through the ending alone and that in order to heal and grow we cannot get through by ourselves. The huge amount of support I gained from the book, the teaching, the session with Nick and from my fellow students was amazing.

- Melanie N.

Refund Policy

Having served hundreds of students worldwide , we are confident that you will find our 10-week Rebuilding very helpful in moving forward . We offer a “money back guarantee” that you will be satisfied with the 10-week program. If there are any issues, notify us of your concern(s) so we have an opportunity to rectify the matter(s). If we cannot rectify the matter, a full refund will be made.

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